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2021 October 3 

Hi SFC members,
I just had to pass this along to you. It is an amazing 6 minute video about how a blind man has his life transformed by technology.
Ann (SFC Membership Director)
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From: Noor Din <>
Date: Sun., Oct. 3, 2021, 9:29 a.m.
Subject: [Oacao-l] TASS Technology brings joy to a blind senior
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Dear Colleagues,
This video demonstrates the courage and determination of a blind senior who has the willingness to learn and make life better for himself. TASS tablet, designed for the blind, has given him a life-altering experience; he is learning new things and exploring new ways to engage himself and be more independent. It is uplifting and rewarding to witness the joy this new technology has brought in his life and given him a new motivation.
Technology for the blind video demonstrates Raymond Jackson from York Region, ON, Canada, using a tablet specially designed for the blind by Human Endeavour's Technology, Access, and Support for Seniors (TASS) project. The project is funded by the United Way of Greater Toronto/Allan Slaight fund and The Regional Municipality of York.
Video Link: 6min:17sec
Thanks to OACAO (Sue and Lina) and many other TASS partners working with us to enhance the lives of seniors.
Noor Din
CEO, Human Endeavour (,
Innovation in Health, Economic and Social Solutions
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