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We will be posting all of the recorded sessions from the Fair here, within the next week.

 2022 March 20


Presentation Recordings from SFC Virtual Seniors Active Living Fair, Feb 28 to Mar 4, 2022
If you were not able to join us for the Fair, you will want to check out these recordings; they are all so interesting and informative.


Click the http links below for the recording.


FEB. 28
North Renfrew Long Term Care Centre
Starts at time point 3:58


Renfrew County Paramedics
Starts at time point 37:33



MAR. 1
Deep River and Area Horticultural Society


Taxwise Shawn Anthony and Chris MacLean



MAR. 2 - Area Club Night
Rotary Club of North Renfrew
(Re-recording due to technical difficulties)


RBWM Historical Society
Starts at time point 15:34


Deep River Lawn Bowling Club
Starts at time point 40:49


4 Seasons Conservancy
Starts at time point 53:16


MAR. 3
Maven Catering


Deep River's Pharmacy


MAR. 4
Deep River Fire Department



2022 March 8

Well, as they say, 'that's a wrap'!
The SFC Virtual Seniors Active Living Fair came to a close Friday evening after a very important and informative presentation by Gerry Johnstone of the Deep River Fire Department followed by closing remarks and greetings from Mayor Suzanne D'Eon.
Last week's Virtual Fair would not have been successful without everyone who attended the various demonstrations, presentations, and talks - Thank You!
A big Thank You also goes out to those who made it happen:
Ontario Seniors
Head, Clara, and Maria Mayor Debbi Grills
MPP Yakabuski
Deep River Mayor Suzanne D'Eon
Incremental Yoga
History by Harris *
North Renfrew Long Term Care Centre *
County of Renfrew Paramedics *
Deep River and Area Horticultural Society *
TaxWise *
North Renfrew Rotary Club *
RBWM Historical Society *
Deep River Lawn Bowling *
Four Seasons Conservancy *
Ottawa Art Gallery
Maven Catering *
Deep River’s Pharmacy *
Deep River Fire Department *
* recordings will be available soon
The Seniors Friendship Club