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2023 October 10

Did you know that there are so many different ways to stay active and have fun at the same time? Have you ever tried Lawn Bowling or Short Mat Bowling? Perhaps you might try it this fall/winter when they gather indoors in the program room of the Deep River Library.

Stay tuned while we get some info on this activity for you. Check back in a day or so.


Or what about Tai Chi? 

The Deep River Tai Chi Club Starts Another Year
The Deep River Tai Chi Club hosts beginners’ classes on Thursdays at 7:00 PM in St. Mary’s School gym and also on Tuesdays at 1:00 PM
upstairs in the Legion. Beginners can start for the next several weeks and come out on either Thursdays, or on Tuesdays, or both.
St. Mary’s is just off the highway, beside Our Lady of Good Counsel Church. The Legion is by the arena. Fees are $120 for September to
end of April. Wear loose-fitting clothes and low, flat, indoor-only shoes. A water bottle is helpful. New people are welcome to try a
class for free. Classes for second year students will be on Thursdays from 5:30 to
7:00 PM in St Mary’s gym. More advanced classes will be on Mondays from 6:00 to 8:00 PM in St Mary’s school. Students with
experience are welcome to attend more than one class per week.  Tai Chi is very popular and people all over the world practice it to
improve their health and well being. Tai Chi started as a very effective martial art in China over one thousand years ago. More recently Tai Chi has been popularized to provide fitness, health, and stress-relief to people of all ages.  Tai Chi’s slow-moving, low-impact techniques strengthen and tone the
entire body. The stances, twisting, and constant weight shifting make the legs and heart stronger while the entire body becomes more supple.  Moving slowly through the large number of postures strengthens the
core and back while improving flexibility, balance, and coordination.  Evidence is growing that this ancient discipline helps heal injuries and lessen diseases like arthritis. For more information, see Harvard Health at:
tai-chi .

Tai Chi also reduces stress, improves memory, and keeps the mind sharp because it focuses on relaxation and demands concentration to
learn the detailed motions in the Tai Chi set.
This club teaches the 108 move Yang style Tai Chi set and several Qigong forms (breathing-exercises). Also, there are push hand drills
and martial art applications for interested practitioners. The instructor, Ken Chaplin, started the Deep River Karate Club in
1977 and ran it for many years before starting the Deep River Tai Chi Club in 2008. He is a member of the Upper Ottawa Valley Tai Chi
Club in Pembroke, and trains under Tai Chi master John Oliver Peel in Bracebridge. For further information contact Ken Chaplin, 613-584-4672 or email at



2023 September 22


Happening Tuesday, September 26th at 9am Sharp!

Where: Deep River Library program room



Fall SFC Fitness Programs  2023 

with Kim Knight 

Happy Joints  

A 15-minute daily movement program consisting of 10 joint-freedom exercises, done seated or  standing (chair assisted) to keep the body flexible. 

Offered free at the D.R. Library program room as a two-week program to learn and remember all of the  exercises - Tuesday October 3rd and 10th - 10:45 - 11:15 

Kim’s Note: I will continue this class for a small fee of $5 per week, if there is interest. 


Fearless Fitness  

November is Fall Prevention Month. The number one reason for falling is fear of falling. 

Build your confidence, balance and strength by doing a few daily exercises - Bend, twist, walk  and carry a little more. Start with your foundation, your feet. Give them the attention they  deserve. Notice where your head sits, how you use your eyes, breathe better and notice where  you hold tension in your body. Then let that go. Make getting up and down from the floor a  daily meditative and all-round healthy body practice. Start where you are. 

Free at the D.R. Library program room - Tuesdays November 7th and 14th - 10:45 - 11:15 Kim’s Note: I will continue this class for a small fee of $5 per week, if there is interest.


2023 September 6

Updates on Tai Chi and Woodsy Wednesday Walks below:

Tai Chi begins next week. 

For further information contact Ken Chaplin, 613-584-4672 or email at


Woodsy Wednesday Walk - September 13

Although our notice last week said that the Woodsy Wednesday Walks would begin on September 20, we will actually be starting next Wednesday (September 13 at 1:30) with a guided walk along the White Pine Forest Management Trail, led by Steve D'Eon.  Please come and join us.  

Steve will discuss the challenges and options for regrowing these remarkable white pine forests.  

The short 1km trail through the woods is relatively flat, but in some places has an uneven surface with rock and root tripping hazards. (The red line on the map is only approximate.)

We will meet at the PRF visitor centre at Highway 17 and Clouthier Road at 1:30 pm.  Wear hiking boots and bring poles if you like.  In case of inclement weather we will reschedule for another time.

As with the regular Wednesday walks, you must sign up in advance so that we have an idea about numbers. 

Due to insurance requirements this guided walk is only open to SFC members.

To register for this walk phone Diane at 613-584-3033 or  email:

Sept 13 map for Woodsy Wednesday Walk.jpg


This guided walk is made possible through a grant with the Levante Foundation.


Nature-Based Programs Logo-01.jpg





April 11th Bowling and Dinner Fun

If you want to see how much fun that we had, just click the link below!


February 23, 2023

January 24, 2023 



January 10, 2023

January 3, 2023

Line Dancing

Join us Tuesdays at 1:00 pm at the Deep River Legion. Wear comfortable clothes and footwear that isn’t too slippery. Because this is an in-class activity, participants are encouraged to wear masks. 


The cost for 8 weeks is $35.00 (beginning Jan. 10, 2023 for 8 weeks).  The money can be paid by cash on the first day or by e-transfer to



December 13, 2022

A wonderful photo of Nancy, Tim and the weekly line dancers!



2022 November 27  

Line dancing steps to:

Won't You Dance With Me 



Mamma Maria 






 Bullfrog on a Log


Honey Honey (aka) Reindeer Shuffle




 Now get moving and dance like no one is watching.



2022 May 9

Indoor and Outdoor Activities

In Our Community 

(We have started a list below and are always happy to add more on your recommendations!  Just send us your suggestion/recommendation to

Cardio Drumming

Monday nights at the Lions Hall in Chalk River!! 7-8 pm!
All you need is a fitness ball, a basket and some drum sticks! I sell drum sticks for $5 a set!!
So much fun!!! Easy choreography, energetic music, amazing people and some sweat!!????????. What more could you ask for in a full body workout??❤️????
Questions?? Feel free to contact Natalie (

Pickleball -

At the Deep River Yacht and Tennis Club. Check it out; you may enjoy it!

Contact Noreen Elliot (613) 635 1347 or 

Lawn Bowling -

The club welcomes visitors and new members.

For more information contact Rosemary McGuire, Membership

 Deep River Lawn Bowling Club – Let's go bowling (

Aquafit Exercise Programs -

Town of Deep River Pool

Community Pool - Recreation & Facilities - Departments - The Town of Deep River

Baila Studio -

is a good local fitness option:


Health and Fitness links